Watchmen’s Rorschach Test: What Did You See?


I found the the vast divergence of opinions regarding the Watchmen movie pretty fascinating! I had a good laugh looking at some of the drastically alternating reviews of the average movie goer on Fandango


Very good and haunting movie

Lots of Distracting, glowing, full-frontal man-junk!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!

Not getting the respect it deserves..

Total trash

While I personally don’t think a much better film adaptation could have been made given the time constraints I will concede there are valid criticisms to be made. However it seems much of the audience couldn’t get to debate the finer points with a glowing blue dong swinging in their faces. I was also struck by how many people saw the graphic violence and dubious morality and thought it was just a movie about shitty superheroes instead of taking a moment to consider the comment on what our superhero power fantasies may reveal of human nature and what might really happen if these people existed.

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan: Transcendant Super-being or DayGlo Exhibitionist?

It occurred to me that Watchmen itself served as a bit of a cultural Rorschach test. Arguably a huge factor of ones appreciation of a work of art has to do with what you as the observer puts into it. Where some saw a perhaps flawed but complex tale of conflicting morality and metaphysical detachment others saw nothing but graphic sex, violence and “glowing, full-frontal man-junk!!!!”. From a psycho-analytical stand point I’d say there may have been a little more projecting going on in theaters than just what was up in that little booth. 😉


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