BiZarrO mOVie aM gReaT IdEa!

With the status of the Superman film franchise in limbo there are apparently many spec scripts floating around Hollywood based around the Man of Steel. The oddest of which appears to focus on Superman’s malformed backwards talking doppleganger Bizarro. Latino Review has given us a video review which can be seen here


Written by Robert Gordon (Men in Black II, Galaxy Quest), it’s tone is pretty campy and comedic. The strangest part being the inclusion of a somewhat less menacing Zod and Ursa looking to use Bizarro to restore their powers. I think its safe to say the last thing fans want is a kinder, gentler Zod.


I'd really appreciate it if you would kneel before Zod

I’m amazed at how much effort was placed into this *ahem* bizarre script idea. I admit this would probably be kind of amusing and fun to watch but I can’t believe anyone would consider this a valid plan to resurrect the film franchise of the king of all superheroes. Especially with studios looking to capitalize on the dark and serious tone of an enormous success like The Dark Knight. Now I certainly don’t think a Superman film should be bleak and depressing but the last thing we need is another Superman III.

Superman III


While I really enjoyed Superman Returns for the most part, they did kinda paint themselves into a corner with super asthma boy, so a reboot wouldn’t be the worst idea. Though it would be a shame to lose Brandon Routh in the role.  Aside from his resemblance to Christopher Reeve he shared that undefinable “good guy” quality that is necessary to believe in the character. You can’t just slap any 6+ foot tall, dark haired, blue eyed, chiseled dude in the suit and expect us to root for him. Whatever path they take, I think most fans agree we all just want to see the iconic uplifting hero we know and love face his greatest challenge yet and kick some super-ass!


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