5 New Wolverine Clips, The Ragin’ Cajun Speaks!


MTV has posted 5 very cool new character profile videos for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  View them by clicking the pics below.


WOLVERINE "My whole life I felt like an animal, I ignored my instincts, I ignored what I really am."


SABERTOOTH "I'm not your friend, I'm an animal who dreamed he was a man."


GAMBIT "If I learned anything about life it's this, always play the hand you're dealt."


DEADPOOL "All I ever wanted was to travel to far off exotic places, meet new and exciting people... and then kill them."


WRAITH "I done some pretty awful things, the kinda things that haunt a man while he sleep."

Each is 30 seconds long with the featured character giving a short monologue against a black background intercut with some bad ass action shots. Any concern I had about how well Taylor Kitsch would be able to pull off the distinctive accent has been laid to rest. The man has got it down, once I heard him open his mouth I had no doubt this was Gambit! Can’t wait for May 1st!


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