Geekstasy’s Pull List: Frakkin Sweet Edition!

The first issue of the 4 part mini-series Battlestar Galactica:The Final Five hits shelves today! CBR has a 6 page preview of the epic BSG finale tie-in! Click the cover to check it out!

BSG The Final Five #1

As the story begins we are taken all the way back to ancient Kobol where we finally see the fabled Pythia herself, locked in a cell awaiting trial and having visions of a certain tall blonde vixen in a red dress 😉

I’m so psyched to read this! Battlestar Galactica owns a a very special place in my heart, I don’t think any show has ever touched me on so many levels. Seeing it reach its conclusion was bittersweet as we were all left with as many questions as answers. Since this series was approved by Ronald Moore as canon Battlestar Galactica hopefully this will provide an added depth of understanding to the show’s rich mythology.

Other titles of personal interest this week:

X-Files #6

Haven’t gotten to this series yet but as a huge X-Files fan I hope this can make me forget I Want To Believe ever happened

Rampaging Wolverine #1
With a title like that is any explanation necessary? 48 pages of pure black and white savagery!

Wolverine Noir #1
Wolverine re-imagined as a hardboiled 1930’s detective? Sign me up!


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