Tony Stark Speaks!

Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr. recently did a roundtable interview for his upcoming film The Soloist and has posted some bits on what the actor had to say about Iron Man II.

On the pressure of a sequel:

..I’ve never been in a sequel and it’s very daunting because I feel the expectation of the millions of people who watched it and enjoyed it and told me that it was a little different than your usual genre picture and that they expected us to not screw it up. So I actually have taken “Iron Man 2” probably more seriously than any movie I’ve ever done, which is appropriately ridiculous for Hollywood.

On the story:

…the story is incredibly risky and artistic for a big genre movie…The set pieces have to do with things that aren’t your typical like bad guy conflict. The relationships are very complex and hilarious. The motivations Tony has and why he turns around and does things has completely to do with his own internal processes and it really is, I think, as much as we tried to in the first one really see behind the façade of this kind of storytelling. We really, I think, leaving ourselves open to…we’re kind of trying to tell a story about how a dysfunctional family saves life on Earth as we know it

On his co-stars:

I’ve seen his (Mickey Rourke’s) stuff and it is literally remarkable. Literally remarkable. He’s so good. And he’s formidable and he’s very much reminding me of that kind of charming, confident guy that we know. Sam Rockwell, on the first day of shooting I was like “if this guy thinks he’s going to be funnier and cooler than me (laughter) and it was a photo-finish. Scarlett Johansson, amazing. Don Cheadle is just rocking it

So there you have it! You can read the rest of what he had to say, including bits on his other potential franchise Sherlock Holmes, here.

I’m really excited to see how this turns out! Sounds like Downey is really gonna step it up for this one and I always like hearing “incredibly risky and artistic”. 🙂

I’m also a big fan of Rourke, Rockwell and Cheadle (not to mention Samuel L. Jackson, returning as Nick Fury). My only worry is Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. While she certainly makes for Grade A eye candy, I just hope we don’t have to suffer through a painfully half-assed Russian accent. I trust Favreau though and I know he’s workin’ his ass off to give us a worthy sequel!

Iron Man II blasts into theaters May 7, 2010


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