It’s Official, Live Action TMNT 2011! (updated 4/27)


To coincide with today’s 25th Anniversary celebration in New York, Variety has made the official announcement that a new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle relaunch is planned for 2011. Co-creator and Executive Producer Peter Laird has stated that the film will revisit the Turtles origins and remain faithful to the spirit of the original comics, with Produer Scott Mednick (Where The Wild Things Are) adding:

” The original dozen comics created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman are some of the best source material one could hope for”

TMNT 1990

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990

Peter Laird also informed us they may use face replacement technology to allow the Turtles a greater range of expression. This seems to confirm earlier reports that they would be rendered in cgi rather than having actors in animatronic suits. UPDATE: Peter Laird recently explained that there will be actors in suits whose faces will be replaced with cgi (hence face replacement technology, duh:-P), think Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, sounds awesome!!

TMNT 2007

TMNT 2007

This is the perfect time for the Ninja Turtles to be brought back to their grimey roots! While I thought 2007’s TMNT was a lot of fun, it was still clearly geared towards kids and I’m sure a more mature take would be welcomed by fans young and old alike. Few probably know that they were originally created as a bit of an homage and parody of Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil run and other gritty and violent comics of the time. With studios looking to capitalize on the success of dark comic book films like The Dark Knight, it’s a great opportunity to bring the Turtles into such a world while poking a little fun at it. In the original comics the humor didn’t come from goofy antics but by taking these absurd, hilarious looking characters and their world very seriously. Hopefully the filmmakers will keep this in mind in their approach.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this develops! Now if only they gave them all red head bands I’d be in nerd heaven. 😉


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  1. Oh that’s so cool that their gonna make another movie, you got me excited!

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