Still Hope For Sarah Connor?


After a somewhat slow and meandering season, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pulled out all the stops in it’s final episodes, taking it’s characters to a place no one expected and leaving fans itching for more from a show whose fate has long been in question (but as we all know, no fate but what we make right? ;)). Rumors of cancellation reached it’s peak when Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reported that the show was headed towards the graveyard with news of their sets being dismantled. Of course once you see the finale you know why those sets would no longer be needed, but to avoid any hint of a spoiler, those close to the show had to keep a tight lip about it.

Patrick Sauriol over at Corona Coming Attraction has a great exclusive interview with co-writer and co-producer Ashley Edward Miller in which the two discuss UFO’s, temporal mechanics and why you shouldn’t count Sarah Connor out yet.

CA: The fans know that the show has been struggling in the ratings but the rumors that it had already been cancelled as well as the  revelations in the final two episodes seem to have led to a sizeable outpouring of fan support online. What are your thoughts on the EW article? Do you think that this kind of talk hurt the show’s chances for renewal?

AEM: I thought it was ridiculous. There’s no question that the show has been struggling, but there’s also been no ambiguity about when Fox intends to decide our fate. When you realize how many times the press has declared this show dead, you start to see how silly it can all get. I remember when the report came out that the sets had been destroyed, and that this somehow meant we’d been cancelled. It took every ounce of self-control we all had not to post something on the internet… but the reality is you can’t respond to a report like that without giving away the finale, or at least offering up a clue. Bad reporting can put you in an impossible position when you’re trying to protect plot twists.

T:SCC cast

Click here for the rest of the interview.

On a personal note, a special effects editor I know over at Fox actually seemed fairly certain the show would be renewed, so lets hope that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles lives up to its cybernetic namesake and keeps coming back long after you are sure that it’s dead!

We will know for sure on judgment day, May18th, when Fox announces it’s pick-ups for next season.


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