Super Powered Prostitute Coming to Spike TV? brings us news that a test reel for a proposed animated series based on Garth Ennis’ heroic hooker, The Pro has been presented to network execs at Spike TV.

The Pro

I’m a huge Ennis’ fan (who doesn’t love Preacher?!) but one has to wonder how well this is gonna translate to basic cable, or even as a series for that matter.  The one-shot graphic novel comes off as something he just threw together for a laugh. It’s pretty much 55 pages of one long joke. Lots of profanity, nudity and comedic, graphic violence. It also of course features a lot of the same superhero sex humor that he later used to much greater (and more graphic) effect in The Boys.

At least it apparently hasn’t been toned down too much (the plane crashing super-spooge is still there folks). Spike TV has certainly pushed the boundaries with adult themed animation like the ass-kicking Afro Samurai series. As I recall even Comedy Central has gotten away with airing uncensored movies in the wee hours of the morning so they may be able to get away with quite a bit as an after-hours series. Perhaps also like Afro Samurai, there would be an accompanying no holds barred “Director’s Cut” DVD.

While far from his best work it’s great to see the trademark Garth Ennis insanity infecting other mediums! Definitely curious to see how this develops.


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