FAN-tastic Green Lantern Trailer!

Wow, check out this incredible fan-made Green Lantern trailer!

Fan-films and trailers like this beautifully represent the true spirit of geekstasy. It’s delightful to see such careful effort and diligence put into something with no hope of monetary gain, only serving to light up the nerd-fires within! Well done, got a big geeky grin out of me!  We can only hope the real deal is this awesome!


Obama Carries Forward Pro Mutant Agenda

America’s finest news source, The Onion reports today that President Obama has vetoed the Mutant Registration Act which would require all Homo superior Americans to divulge their names and abilities to the federal government. Though there is no word yet if this officially closes the controversial Sentinel Program spearheaded by the last administration.

Shapeshifter from Cincinatti

Flamboyant First Shapeshifter Bo, pictured here in dog form

Obama, who has been known to fraternize with members of the superhuman community (see below), was apparently convinced of this action by the family’s new Portuguese water dog, who is in fact a shapeshifter from Cincinnati. Of course this all just spurs rumors that Obama himself is a mutant.

Click the following link to listen to the report on The Onion Radio News

Obama and Spiderman

Artist rendering of Obama's meeting with the known masked vigilante "Spider-Man"

Chris Hemsworth Picks Up Thor’s Mighty Hammer!


Chris Hemsworth

Looks like director Kenneth Branagh has found his Thor in 25 year old Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Sci-fi fans across the globe are currently familiar with his short but memorable performance as Captain George Kirk, the self sacrificing father of James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams ass kickin’ Star Trek reboot.

I really liked his bit part in Star Trek, he had that very old fashioned, humble, good guy vibe to him. Kinda makes me think he would have made a much better Captain America than the brutish and arrogant Thor but maybe those warmer qualities will help give the character the balance he needs to be sympathetic. One thing is for certain, if he wants to pull this off, dude is in for the most brutal workout regimen of his life!

Thor is slated to hit theaters May 20, 2011!

Ok, so that is apparently not the same day as Green Lantern‘s new release date (June 17, 2011) as was previously reported. Don’t know why that story was makin’ the rounds. Sloppy research on my part!

Cool as Frak Battlestar Galactica Wartime Propaganda Posters!

Morale low because your entire civilization was nearly annihilated? Cast out into cold empty space and on the run from a relentless enemy who could be right under your very nose? Well buck up soldiers! Here are some motivational posters encouraging you to stay vigilant and keep fighting the good fight!

BSG poster1

BSG poster 3
BSG poster 2
BSG poster 4
BSG poster 5

Created by clever frakker Adam Levermore-Rich of, this set of 5 is available at the aforementioned website for just $29.99. *starts saving his cubits*

Special thanks to the lovely Dana of for knowing me so well!

Geekstasy’s Pull List: Catfight Amidst Armageddon!

The earth-shattering Ultimatum Saga continues today with Ultimate Spider-Man #132. Just click the cover for CBR’s 6 page preview!

Ultimate Spider-man

Magneto has declared war on humanity, decimating NYC and killing millions, a mystic barrier in Dr. Strange’s apartment breaks, spilling all manner of interdimensional deadly hordes… and oh yea, the Hulk is on a bit of a rampage. So why not let the ladies get out some aggression too? The showdown you have been waiting for! MJ and Kitty Pryde in the slap fight of the century! (and maybe some other stuff involving Spider-Man and the end of the world as he knows it)

Just one other book I’m fired up for this week:

Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five #2

Facing persecution, the 13th tribe of Cylons have abandoned Kobol. Now one Michael Tigh seeks to lead them to a new home, guided by visions of our favorite bombshell in red!

Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray News! (updated 5/14)

Watchmen Bluray

The Hollywood Reporter has announced the first details about the upcoming Watchmen DVD and Blu-ray releases! The latter sporting an innovative new feature! For the first time fans who purchased the disc can sync their Facebook profiles to BD-Live and have online interactive screenings, sharing live commentary with their friends. The Blu-ray will also feature a split screen viewing mode with video commentary by Zack Snyder. A standard no frills disc of the theatrical version along with the Special Edition 2 disc DVD and Blu-ray Director’s Cut are all expected to hit stores within the last two weeks of July, coinciding with San Diego’s Comic-Con.

I’m dying to see this director’s cut!  The only bits I’m certain will be included are the death of Hollis Mason and at least some of the two Bernies at the newsstand along the re-insertion of The Black Freighter animated feature. As for the rest I want to see more Dr. Manhattan on Mars (because it’s just awesome), and some more Ozymandius. I particularly missed the scene of him at the wall of monitors analyzing all the trends and symbolism within the various commercials and programs,  such a great insight into how his mind works. His was the only character that felt misrepresented from the book and I hope they explore more of his nature and motivations so he comes across less one dimensional.


Whatever Zack Snyder decides to include in his final cut, one thing is for sure. Come this July, fans will be able to strap themselves in for nearly 4 hours of the most faithfully adapted comic book epic off all time!

UPDATE: Warner Home Video has released the official specs for the Special Edition DVD and Blu-ray, now set for release July 21

Watchmen Director’s Cut 2-Disc Digital Copy Special Edition DVD:

  • Director’s Cut (additional 25 min.)
    • Newly included footage contains more Rorschach and a scene of Hollis Mason’s death
  • The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics [Learn how the subversive, thematically complex, award winning comic that changed literature, inspired analytical debate, and won countless fans, was created]
  • Watchmen: Webisodes
  • My Chemical Romance Desolation Row Music Video
  • Digital Copy

Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray Disc:

  • Director’s Cut (additional 25 min.)
    • Newly included footage contains more Rorschach and a scene of Hollis Mason’s death.
    • Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode [With Watchmen Director Zack Snyder as our host, we’ll dive deep into the intricacies of the Watchmen.]
  • Director walk-ons with scene analysis
  • Picture-in-picture video from the cast and crew
  • Side-by-side comparisons of the graphic novel and the film
  • Timeline comparisons of our world events to those from Watchmen
  • Photo galleries of production stills and storyboards
  • The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics [Learn how the subversive, thematically complex, award winning comic that changed literature, inspired analytical debate, and won countless fans, was created]
  • Real Superheroes, Real Vigilantes [Explores the fascination and psychology behind real-world vigilantes and where that behavior crosses over into actually donning the hood and behaving as superheroes.]
  • Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World [The creators of Watchmen had a great understanding of engineering and science, allowing for plausible mechanics in their characters tools and the world itself.  This featurette will guide the viewer through the filmmakers process of turning these technologies into cinematic reality]
  • My Chemical Romance Desolation Row Music Video
  • BD-Live with even more content
  • Digital Copy

Very disappointing there is no mention of Tales of the Black Freighter being included into the director’s cut as promised. I smell a “Watchmen Ultimate Edition” comin’ out later this year.

District 9’s Extraterrestrial Revealed!



The best part of seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the theater opening day was being caught completely off guard by the first teaser trailer for District 9! It had myself and likely most the audience roped into believing it to be a documentary about some military occupation in South Africa only to suddenly shift gears into full blown sci-fi territory! It’s not often you get a whole audience muttering “what the hell was that?” after a trailer these days!

Well we can find out just a bit more of what the hell that was by checking out alternate trailer posted at the viral site, this time de-pixelating the alien’s face and providing subtitles for his speech. This revealing teaser can be viewed here, with the original one available below.

Can’t wait for this! It always gets me fired up to see filmmakers merge the real and the fantastic in innovative ways!

Directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by the legendary Peter Jackson, District 9 takes over theaters August 14, 2009!