‘X-Men Origins’ Game Cure for the Wolverine Blues

wolverine game

The lackluster X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie got you down? Well good news berserkers, for once a video game based on a movie is actually better than the movie! You have never seen Wolverine this savage off the page before! The ‘Uncaged Edition’ for Ps3 and Xbox 360 is a brutally graphic gorefest! In very God of War style gameplay Wolverine leaps, stabs, slashes and dismembers his way through legions of mercenaries, mutants, machines and monstrous freaks. Watch as Wolverine is shot up, sliced up, and blown up, enduring wound after gaping wound (revealing his metal skeleton Terminator style), only to have that good ol’ healing factor kick in and close him back up before your very eyes.

This game is exactly what the doctor ordered for all the fans disappointed by the kinder, gentler silver screen Wolverine. Ever wondered what a hard R-rated Wolverine movie might look like? Well check out this stunning opening cinematic and see him do what he does best!



  1. i HATED the movie and will pick this up for sure! Thanks.

  2. Just tried the demo. It’s really better than I expected. Definitely gonna buy this one!

    • yea it’s fun as hell! not perfect, it’s a bit repetitive and slightly glitchy at times but nothin that kept me from having a bloody good time! (pun intended) 😉

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