District 9’s Extraterrestrial Revealed!



The best part of seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the theater opening day was being caught completely off guard by the first teaser trailer for District 9! It had myself and likely most the audience roped into believing it to be a documentary about some military occupation in South Africa only to suddenly shift gears into full blown sci-fi territory! It’s not often you get a whole audience muttering “what the hell was that?” after a trailer these days!

Well we can find out just a bit more of what the hell that was by checking out alternate trailer posted at the viral site MNUSpreadsLies.com, this time de-pixelating the alien’s face and providing subtitles for his speech. This revealing teaser can be viewed here, with the original one available below.

Can’t wait for this! It always gets me fired up to see filmmakers merge the real and the fantastic in innovative ways!

Directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by the legendary Peter Jackson, District 9 takes over theaters August 14, 2009!


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