Chris Hemsworth Picks Up Thor’s Mighty Hammer!


Chris Hemsworth

Looks like director Kenneth Branagh has found his Thor in 25 year old Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Sci-fi fans across the globe are currently familiar with his short but memorable performance as Captain George Kirk, the self sacrificing father of James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams ass kickin’ Star Trek reboot.

I really liked his bit part in Star Trek, he had that very old fashioned, humble, good guy vibe to him. Kinda makes me think he would have made a much better Captain America than the brutish and arrogant Thor but maybe those warmer qualities will help give the character the balance he needs to be sympathetic. One thing is for certain, if he wants to pull this off, dude is in for the most brutal workout regimen of his life!

Thor is slated to hit theaters May 20, 2011!

Ok, so that is apparently not the same day as Green Lantern‘s new release date (June 17, 2011) as was previously reported. Don’t know why that story was makin’ the rounds. Sloppy research on my part!


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  1. oh wow, that’s cool. I didn’t even know there was a movie being made on this. I have yet to watch the Star Trek movie, but heard it kicked ass. Keep the updates coming! You are awesome!

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