Obama Carries Forward Pro Mutant Agenda

America’s finest news source, The Onion reports today that President Obama has vetoed the Mutant Registration Act which would require all Homo superior Americans to divulge their names and abilities to the federal government. Though there is no word yet if this officially closes the controversial Sentinel Program spearheaded by the last administration.

Shapeshifter from Cincinatti

Flamboyant First Shapeshifter Bo, pictured here in dog form

Obama, who has been known to fraternize with members of the superhuman community (see below), was apparently convinced of this action by the family’s new Portuguese water dog, who is in fact a shapeshifter from Cincinnati. Of course this all just spurs rumors that Obama himself is a mutant.

Click the following link to listen to the report on The Onion Radio News

Obama and Spiderman

Artist rendering of Obama's meeting with the known masked vigilante "Spider-Man"


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