Be at Peace Grasshopper


Today we mourn the loss of a legend. David Carradine is loved and remembered fondly by many as the wandering shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in the 70’s television series Kung Fu. My first introduction to him however was in the 90’s update Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, which I watched avidly as high kicking, martial arts obsessed little boy.

We can thank Quentin Tarantino for his resurgence in popular culture with Samuel Jackson’s famous line from Pulp Fiction “I’m just gonna walk the earth… you know like Caine in Kung Fu” and of course none of us can forget his bad ass portrayal of the titular Bill in the kung fu revenge epic Kill Bill. In his honor, here is a memorable speech from that film that put a big smile on the face of comic book geeks everywhere.

Thank you for your sweet and warming presence in this world Mr. Carradine. I take comfort knowing that today you merely shed your alter ego and remembered you were Superman.


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