Feast Your Eyes Upon The Maxx!!!


Long before doggedly faithful page to screen comic adaptations like Sin City and Watchmen, there was one little show on MTV that set the bar. Way back in 1995, The Maxx debuted as part of the short lived MTV’s Oddities series. Based on the comic written and illustrated by the brilliant Sam Kieth, it was nearly an exact panel for panel, word for word translation, complete with Kieth’s incredibly distinctive drawing style. Not to mention the voiceover work, which was so spot on perfect I have not been able to read the comic without hearing them in my head since.

The Maxx has always held a special place in my heart which only deepens with each revisit. It is a story so mind-bending and surreal yet simultaneously very grounded and touching. Until now it was only able to be seen in the badly edited for time VHS released in ‘96 or grainy home recorded bootlegs floating around online, so I am thrilled to see that MTV is now streaming the entire series right here for free! It’s fantastic to see it again in such crisp and clear quality and I can only hope this will lead to an eventual full DVD/Bluray release!

The Maxx Intro

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I got to see relatively few of the original episodes and this is a great way to brush up!

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