Two Words: Zombie Lanterns!


Hell yes! Today marks the official beginning of the DC Comics event of the year! Everything since the return of Hal Jordan has been leading to this. We have seen the rise of Lanterns of nearly every color of the spectrum.  The Rage of the Red, the Avarice of the Orange, the Fear of the Yellow, the Will of the Green, the Hope of the Blue, and the Love of the Violet (we still have yet to meet the mysterious Indigo Lanterns of Compassion); all vying for emotional supremacy. Now the The War of Light reaches it’s climax as the prophesied “Blackest Night” comes to pass. So rise the Black Lanterns of Death!

Believe it or not, there are a few DC characters still currently dead and now these black rings are seeking out these super-corpses and resurrecting them in grisly fashion! Will this lead to the utter annihilation of the universe as the Guardians of Oa fear?

It’s great to see such a major event series revolving around the Green Lanterns, who for me are truly the cornerstone of the DC universe. I’ve always been a massive Batman fan and dabbled in Superman here and there but never really cared for the DC universe (or should I say multiverse?) as a whole until I got into Green Lantern. For an ongoing intergalactic saga that rivals Star Wars and Trek, it’s high time that these boys (and girls and non-gender specific extraterrestrials) in Green finally get the cultural recognition they deserve. With this huge summer event series, his solo animated feature debut (Green Lantern: First Flight) out July 28, and an epic motion picture (fingers crossed) set for 2011, it’s looking more like the “brightest day” for the Green Lantern Corp!

Androids #1
Also deserving a very honorable mention today is the release of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1, the first part of a 24 issue maxi-series based on the Philip K. Dick novel that inspired Blade Runner. This is an unprecedented adaptation as every panel is taken directly from the text of the book. Just… WOW! Check out this preview from CBR!


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