Mastodon: A Space Odyssey

Hot damn I love this band! I have never made a music related post before but I deemed this glorious new Mastodon video to be of considerable geek interest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video intercuts footage of the band playing amidst a crumbling apocalypse with all of them engaged elsewhere on a mysterious space station mission, one after the other losing themselves to euphoric space madness!

For those unfamiliar, the recent Mastodon album Crack The Skye tells the story of a young paraplegic who finds freedom in astral projection only to be severed from his body when he travels too close to the sun. He is then guided by spirits through a wormhole to merge into the body of the soon to be murdered Rasputin, so that upon death the wise soul could then guide the young boy’s spirit back to his body. Of course what metal album would be complete without a final run in with the Devil before all is said and done?

If that doesn’t light your neurons on fire I just don’t know you as well as I thought I did. Buy this monstrous metaphysical metal masterpiece here!

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