Cool as Frak Battlestar Galactica Wartime Propaganda Posters!

Morale low because your entire civilization was nearly annihilated? Cast out into cold empty space and on the run from a relentless enemy who could be right under your very nose? Well buck up soldiers! Here are some motivational posters encouraging you to stay vigilant and keep fighting the good fight!

BSG poster1

BSG poster 3
BSG poster 2
BSG poster 4
BSG poster 5

Created by clever frakker Adam Levermore-Rich of, this set of 5 is available at the aforementioned website for just $29.99. *starts saving his cubits*

Special thanks to the lovely Dana of for knowing me so well!


MARVEL at these Helmets (eh? eh?) has posted some bad ass geekery in the form of custom motorcycle helmets!

spider-man helmet

venom helmet

iron man helmet

hulk helmet

It would be insane to get a motorcycle and learn to ride just to speed around town in one of these bad mother f’ers right? that’s crazy right?

thanks to the lovely Dana of for the link! 😉

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