Grant Morrison’s Sci-Fi Mahabharata?! Sign me up!


Manuscript illustration of the Battle of Kurukshetra from The Mahabhrata

Oh hell yes! Lunatic comic mastermind Grant Morrison is re-imagining one of India’s greatest ancient epics, as he puts it;

“… like a psychedelic The Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology”

My god, that’s what the term “geekstasy” was made for! How is this the first I have heard of this stunning project? Apparently this was originally planned as a comic book to be published by Virgin Comics but having since been bought out and absorbed by Liquid Comics, it has been re-conceived as 3 hour epic CGI drama! Check out the teaser over at, where you can also read Mr. Morrison’s extensive notes on his vision of the tale, along with a gallery of gorgeous concept art. Feast your eyes and drink in the transcendent nerdery!




Grant Morrison’s 18 Days is set to debut in Spring 2010!


Geekstasy’s Pull List: Dawn of a New Dark Knight

That’s right Bat-fans, today is the day you can get your nerdy little hands on the brand new Batman & Robin #1, written and illustrated by the equally legendary dynamic duo of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly!


**WARNING SPOILERS BELOW** (if don’t wanna know the outcome of Battle for the Cowl just yet)

I gotta admit that I have been all torn up about Mr. Morrison’s treatment of the Dark Knight. There are few writers and few characters I love as much but his run during R.I.P. and Final Crisis was a bit like having your two favorite foods crammed together only to be left nauseous and unsatisfied. I’m generally of the mind that Batman stories should be gritty and down to earth, so the one man psychedelic freak-out that is Grant Morrison never quite seemed like the right guy to be dwelling in Gotham City. However what’s done is done and like it or not, Bruce Wayne is out of the picture for the time being (yes we know he will resume his rightful place whenever he gets back from the stone age or wherever the hell he his now). Since the conclusion of Battle for the Cowl it has been revealed that Dick Grayson has reluctantly assumed the mantle of the Bat (shocking I know!) with Wayne’s smart ass illegitimate son Damien taking on the role of Robin.

While I haven’t had the chance to read it yet I found myself encouraged by a very positive review over at CBR! Apparently this isn’t the same convoluted mess we found ourselves in with Morrison’s last crack at the bat. I admit, I do like Dick Grayson’s struggle in taking on the role against the “final” wishes of his mentor and while I am not a fan of the whiney and dickish Damien character it will at least provide some interesting tension in the group. Not to mention there is just something about Morrison and Quietly that is always a match made in nerd heaven! So count me begrudgingly fired up for this ride!

Other geekstasy inducing titles hittin’ shelves today:

Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five #4

The Boys #31

Daredevil Noir #3

Dark Avengers #5

Mighty Avengers #25

Ultimatum #4

Ultimate Spider-Man #133

click the links for previews from CBR!

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