Iron Man 2 Footage Leaked!

Widow and Whiplash and War Machine, oh my!! Check it out before it’s gone friends!

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Gee, how do you make this trailer rock as hard as freaking possible? I know, add Tool to the soundtrack!! \m/


Heroes Season 4: Redemption or Revenge?


First look at the upcoming season of Heroes!

Vol 5: Redemption

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I realize I may be in the minority here but I simply didn’t hate the last couple seasons of Heroes like so many of my very vocal nerdy contemporaries. Sure, I have a few criticisms here and there (ok, so I did kinda want to hit Claire’s season 2 boyfriend in the face with a hammer) but overall I still think it’s an incredibly fun show with endless potential.

That being said, like everyone else, I too hope this season is able to reclaim the spark of the first and college lesbian experimentation and super-powered circus freaks are as good a place to start as any!

Heroes season 4 will commence with a 2 hour premiere Monday, September 21!

Holy Crap This New District 9 Trailer is Awesome!!

Oh wow! Check this out and see why District 9 could be the sci-fi savior of the summer!  After the bitter disappointments of highly anticipated sci-fi behemoths like Terminator and Transformers, this sneaky little sleeper is perfectly poised to capture the hearts and minds of disillusioned nerds everywhere.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

View in HD here!

So you can make a movie with aliens and giant robots with an actual plot! I knew it!