Mixed Reactions to Marvel Anime

We got our first glimpses of 2 of the 4 planned Warren Ellis scripted Marvel Anime series this weekend, Iron Man and Wolverine! While I am stoked as hell for anything that mad bastard Ellis does, I’ve got mixed feelings about what I’ve seen here and judging by general buzz of my geeky brethren around the internet I am far from alone.

First off, I thought Iron Man looked incredible and seemed especially well suited (no pun intended) for the anime treatment. The detail of the armor is fantastic and the action looks powerfully kinetic!

Wolverine however leaves me feeling a bit wary. They went for a very uncharacteristic thin and lanky look, very gaunt face with a ridiculous anime mullet. In fact, aside from the claws there is absolutely nothing in his design that indicates that this is Wolverine. Now it is important to keep in mind that these are meant to be Japanese re-imaginings of the characters so they do have a bit more creative leeway. Hopefully Mr. Ellis will deliver a story bad ass enough (which he says will be loosely based on Claremont/Miller miniseries) to make us forget how friggin’ weird he looks.

Both series are expected to debut Spring 2010.


‘X-Men Origins’ Game Cure for the Wolverine Blues

wolverine game

The lackluster X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie got you down? Well good news berserkers, for once a video game based on a movie is actually better than the movie! You have never seen Wolverine this savage off the page before! The ‘Uncaged Edition’ for Ps3 and Xbox 360 is a brutally graphic gorefest! In very God of War style gameplay Wolverine leaps, stabs, slashes and dismembers his way through legions of mercenaries, mutants, machines and monstrous freaks. Watch as Wolverine is shot up, sliced up, and blown up, enduring wound after gaping wound (revealing his metal skeleton Terminator style), only to have that good ol’ healing factor kick in and close him back up before your very eyes.

This game is exactly what the doctor ordered for all the fans disappointed by the kinder, gentler silver screen Wolverine. Ever wondered what a hard R-rated Wolverine movie might look like? Well check out this stunning opening cinematic and see him do what he does best!

Rethinking Wolverine’s Place in Film

x-men origins wolverine

The whole point of this blog is that I’m not the type of fan who is constantly dissatisfied and always looking for things to pick apart and bitch about. I tend to let the little things slide and seek to extract every ounce of joy out my geeky loves that I can. So when I tell you I was less than thrilled by X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you know I’m not complaining for the fun of it. The character has been a favorite since childhood so I have been looking forward to this for quite some time and really wanted to like it.

The sad truth is, like the character on which it’s based (ironically), the film is neither all  that good or all that bad. Plenty of reviews have already poured over it’s strengths and weaknesses so I won’t bother to recount them all. Rather I thought, speaking as such a huge fan of the character, maybe I would pose a somewhat painful question.

Should Wolverine even have his own movie?


Arguably all the X-Men movies have been about Wolverine and while that was due to his massive following, I’m not the first to note that something of the character had been lost. When trying to make him a central hero that has to appeal to a wide audience you lose sight of some defining characteristics. After all, the Wolverine comic fans know and love is short, mean and ugly and can kill without blinking an eye. He can be as cold-blooded and terrifying as any villain and that is precisely what makes him such a compelling protagonist.

I love Hugh Jackman as an actor and have tremendous appreciation and respect for his passion and dedication to the role but the guy may be just too damn handsome and charming for his own good. Those qualities are too marketable for a studio (especially one like FOX) to allow him to get as mean and nasty as  the character warrants.

Perhaps in the world of blockbuster films, Wolverine would best be served as a supporting character. The guy who is as much of a threat to our heroes as an ally and only after pissing everybody off (audience included) does he come around in the end and save their asses!

Geekstasy’s Pull List: Nasty, Green and Hairy 3-Way Action!

Today Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #5 (of 6) comes to a comic shop near you! Click the cover for CBR’s 7 page preview


Written by Damon Lindeloff (co-creator of a little show called Lost), it tells the story of the brutal first showdown between Wolverine and Hulk in Marvel’s Ultimate universe. It’s so great to finally see this mini-series back on track after the epic 3 year gap between issues 2 and 3! In the last issue Lindeloff  introduced us to Ultimate She-Hulk. From the way things left off, it looks like the big green brute has no moral reservations about hittin’ a lady and I don’t think Wolverine is the type of guy who just likes to watch.

Other titles I’m stoked for this week:

Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War #4 (of 4)

The conclusion of the mini-series event about the first Cylon War with the Twelve Colonies.

Dark Avengers #4

“Iron Patriot” and Dr. Doom hop a portal to 690AD to kick some serious Sorceress ass

Dark Reign: The Cabal

5 short stories depicting how each member of Norman Osborn’s secret cabal of villian’s plans take advantage of his proposed evil plan.

Irredeemable #1

New ongoing series from Mark Waid (Kingdom Come)! Tells the story of how the world’s greatest hero became the world’s greatest villian.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine #1

Not tied to the the new movie. Set within the comic universe, we see more of Logan’s history, flashing back and forth from his time spent in the 19th century Canadian wilderness to his tenure working for Department H of the Canadian Government.

90’s X-Men Cartoon Hits DVD Tomorrow!

After a long wait, X-Fans can finally pick up Volumes 1 & 2 of this classic cartoon of the 90’s on DVD tomorrow!


Aside from grabbing a few stray issues of various X-Men titles as a lad, my real initiation into Marvel’s menagerie of mutants was this animated series. Despite having to tone down the violence for young children (sorry Wolverine), it remains to this day one of the most faithful animated adaptations of any comic series. Debuting October 31st, 1992 and continuing to run for 5 years, writers worked in such classic X-Men tales as Days of Future Past and The Dark Phoenix Saga, among others. They also managed to stay true to the series’ themes of bigotry and social injustice, fairly groundbreaking stuff for a Saturday morning children’s cartoon! It made X-Men a household name, paving the way for the breakout hit feature film in 2000. Not to mention it had one kick ass theme song which I still hear in my head to this day when I think of the X-Men!

Watch Wolverine vs The Helicopter (Guess Who Wins)

PapaJohns.com has an exclusive extended clip from X-Men Origins: Wolverine in which Logan shows some chumps in a helicopter who’s boss! Click the pic for aforementioned badassery.


AWW YEEEA! Watch Wolverine berserker rage on screen again May 1st!

Geekstasy’s Pull List: Frakkin Sweet Edition!

The first issue of the 4 part mini-series Battlestar Galactica:The Final Five hits shelves today! CBR has a 6 page preview of the epic BSG finale tie-in! Click the cover to check it out!

BSG The Final Five #1

As the story begins we are taken all the way back to ancient Kobol where we finally see the fabled Pythia herself, locked in a cell awaiting trial and having visions of a certain tall blonde vixen in a red dress 😉

I’m so psyched to read this! Battlestar Galactica owns a a very special place in my heart, I don’t think any show has ever touched me on so many levels. Seeing it reach its conclusion was bittersweet as we were all left with as many questions as answers. Since this series was approved by Ronald Moore as canon Battlestar Galactica hopefully this will provide an added depth of understanding to the show’s rich mythology.

Other titles of personal interest this week:

X-Files #6

Haven’t gotten to this series yet but as a huge X-Files fan I hope this can make me forget I Want To Believe ever happened

Rampaging Wolverine #1
With a title like that is any explanation necessary? 48 pages of pure black and white savagery!

Wolverine Noir #1
Wolverine re-imagined as a hardboiled 1930’s detective? Sign me up!